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The 8th China International Nonwoven Conference will be held in Shanghai in June

June 01 ,2019

The 8th China International Non-Woven Conference will be held on June 3 ~ Held in Shanghai on the 4th.


The theme of this forum is "Now and Future of the Nonwovens Industry". It will focus on the new growth points of the global nonwovens industry, discuss the current status and development trends of the Chinese nonwovens market in a complex economic environment, and the US nonwovens industry. Development topics, the development of the global fiber industry and its impact on the nonwovens industry, and the impact of environmental policies on the disposable hygiene industry.


During the meeting, two special forums will be held: "Market and Technology of Nonwovens for Medical and Health Use" and "Development and Innovation of Nonwovens for Automotive Use". The medical sub-forum will discuss topics such as the development and consumption trends of disposable sanitary products industry, the application prospects of cotton spunlace nonwovens in sanitary products, and the development of adult incontinence products. The automotive sub-forum will discuss non-woven acoustic materials in Automotive applications, non-woven materials in automotive air quality improvement applications, high-performance ultra-fine fiber materials in automotive interiors and other topics.

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