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CYL1600 Melt-blown PP high-efficiency electret filter material production line Configuration

February 28 ,2020

CYL1600 Melt-blown PP high-efficiency electret filter material production line Configuration


Melt-blown nonwovens are mainly used as composite materials, filter materials, thermal insulation materials, sanitary products, oil-absorbing materials, clean cloths (wiping cloths), battery separators, etc., and are widely used in medical and health, automotive industry, filter materials, environmental protection, etc. And other fields.


The basic technical specifications and performance indicators of the production line


1. Maximum annual output: 330 tons

2. Effective width of finished product: 1600 mm

3. Product surface weight: 10 ~ 100ɡ / m²

4. Thickness of meltblown fibers: the average diameter of meltblown fibers reaches 2-5μm

5. Product uniformity: CV value ≤6%

6. Product performance: Meet KN95 and BFE related standards

7. Production speed: about 30 ~ 60KG / HR

8. Meltblown system suitable material: PP

9. Total installed capacity of production line: 400kw

10. Energy consumption per ton: 3000 ~ 4000 degrees

11. Labor requirements: 2 people per shift

12. Space requirements: 20m x 15m x 7m (length x width x height)

13. Power requirements: 380V three-phase four-wire system, ground resistance <10Ω

14. Compressed air demand:> 0.65MPa, 3

15. Water supply demand:> 0.2MPa, 3


The production line process flow chart:

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