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8 carding machies themal bonded wadding production line installation and commissioning

March 18 ,2020

Publisher:Lin Liyuan

Date: 2020-03.18

Recently, Changyuanlong's ultra-wide 8-head themal bonded wadding production line has been completely manufactured. From the end of February 2020 to the present, vehicles have been successively shipped to Tianjin customer companies.

The unique appearance design and military green appearance give a striking and solemn feeling. After the equipment reaches the customer company, we send 1-2 professional installation engineers to the customer's factory for installation and commissioning. Our engineers are professional masters with many years of experience in installation and commissioning. During the installation process, the equipment is continuously improved to fit the customer's specific environment. After the installation is completed, the engineer will debug the equipment, which is the best performance of the machine. After the installation and commissioning, our engineers will conduct a comprehensive training of the customer's operator, so that he can be skilled in operating the machine and produce the ideal nonwoven products. This is our security process.

The installation and commissioning of the 8-head large-scale non-woven equipment production line is a huge project. It only takes about 1-2 months for installation and about 2-3 weeks for commissioning. Due to the previous experience of 6-head and 7-head non-woven production lines, we can shorten the installation and commissioning time by 35 days.

The successful installation and debugging can not be separated from the support of our professional team and customers!



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