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The third generation carding machine was successfully developed

March 10 ,2020

Publisher:Lin Liyuan

Date: 2020-03.10

With the successful delivery of the first carding machine with a diameter of 1500mm, it indicates that our company's third-generation carding machine product development has achieved complete success. First of all, we would like to express our warm congratulations on the successful research and development of the third generation products, and express our heartfelt thanks to the colleagues who participated in the research and development and manufacturing, and kindly said: You have worked hard!


The third generation carding machine was an established task of the company leader years ago. Today, after a lapse of two months, in just 60 days, we have completed the tasks from drawing design to production and equipment application.

I remember that when we received a new order, we were not just accepting joy, but also the heavy hopes and trusts of our customers. Although the company's work on the third-generation carding machine has been deployed years ago, it is inevitable that we will also appear There is no embarrassing situation to start with, but soon, our technical R & D personnel calmed down, started from the key parts, explored the details, and thought slowly, as if every step taken was gradually changed as expected. reality.


All efforts have laid a solid foundation for future new product development.

The enterprise provides us with opportunities and soil for survival, learning and promotion, and we should do our modest contribution to her prosperity, harmony, and development. The enterprise is our home, we are a member of this family, we only have the same heart, Only by working hard and working in unity can we continue to contribute to the development of the company and create a better tomorrow for us.



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