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1.The speed of the excessive curtain of the feeding part is synchronized with the needling machine, and the transmission is driven by the feed roller of the pre-punching machine.

2.The feeding roller is equipped with a screen guide device, and the distance between the screen guides is about 45mm.

3.Needle plate needles are cluttered, computer punched, epoxy plated with PU needle plate, one spare plate, net plate, peeled plate polished and chrome plated.

4.The whole machine frame is welded with high-quality steel plates and has undergone stress relief treatment. The structure is beautiful, with hanging earrings or holes at the top, and vibration damping pads at the bottom to dampen vibration.

5.Safety protection:

(1) The electrical part is provided with overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection, and emergency stop button.

(2) The bottom needle beam lifting and stripping net lifting are protected by switches, and all transmission parts are protected by protective covers.

(3) Warning signs are required for necessary parts. 








According the machie’s width

Needle frequency

≤ 1000 s / min

Needle stroke


Needle density

3000 n/m -6000n/m

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