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1.The frame is welded by high-quality steel, and the structure is stable.

2.Safety protection:

(1) All transmission parts are protected by protective covers.

(2) The electrical part is provided with overload protection, overcurrent protection, short circuit protection and emergency stop button.

(3) Warning signs are required for necessary parts.










Working width















About 150-300kw

The Quantity of  carding machines


Heating method of the oven machine

Electric ,Gas,Oill

The layers of  the oven machine



Process flow:

Bale Opener - Opening Machine -Vibration Feeder -Carding Machine -Cross Lapper - The Oven Machine -Calender Machine - Winder&Cutter

1. CYKB-Bale Opener: Open all kinds of baling fibers, weigh them by electronic scale according to the proportion, and spread them evenly on the cotton curtain. Various fibers are put into the horizontal conveying curtain, fed through the calender roll and counter roll, and opened by the high-speed beater and sent to the next process by the cotton conveying fan.

2. CYLKS-Opening machine: The company develops special alloy card clothing for opening. The fan conveys it. The feeding is wood curtain or leather curtain. The feeding is controlled by photoelectricity on the cotton feeder. The feeding uses two groove rollers. There are two spring-loaded. The opening roller performs dynamic and static balance processing, with a conveying air duct, and is fully closed to reduce the number of cleanings.

3. CYLMX-Vibration Feeder: The open fiber is further loosely mixed and processed into a uniform quilted cotton for the next process. Volumetric quantitative feeding, photoelectric control, convenient adjustment, accurate and uniform cotton feed.

4. CYLSL-Carding Machine: This machine is single cylinder, double doffer, four messy, roller stripping. All the rollers of the machine have been quenched and tempered, and then processed precisely. The wall board is made of cast iron, and the card clothing is made of domestic high-quality card clothing, and is equipped with a suction device, which can reduce the number of cleanings and also has a walking table. It has the advantages of strong carding ability and high output.

5. CYLPW-Cross Lapper: The frame is made by bending 6mm steel plate, and a compensation motor is added between the laying curtains to reduce the draft of the web. Frequency conversion control for reciprocating commutation, small impact force, can automatically buffer balanced commutation, and is equipped with multi-stage speed control. The bottom curtain can be adjusted up and down, so that the cotton net can be evenly laid on the bottom curtain according to the required unit weight for the next process. The slant curtains, flat curtains and cart flat curtains are made of high-quality leather curtains, and the bottom curtains and ring curtains are wooden curtains.

6. CYLHF-The Oven Machine: The product is evenly heated by high temperature; one or two-layers conveyor belt is driven by Teflon mesh belt. It is heated by natural gas/electric/oil. With air cooling system.

7. CYLCQ-Cutting machine: This machine is a steel plate structure, the frame is made of a whole piece of steel plate welding, integrating transmission and operating system. Three longitudinal hard cutting knives are used for cutting, and one horizontal flying knife is controlled by the electronic meter counter. The structure is simple, beautiful and generous.

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