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Changyuanlong Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. opening information after the Spring Festival

March 25 ,2021

  February 18, 2021, the morning of the eighth day of the lunar calendar, in which blue skies, sunny weather for Long Qing Zhu Changyuan Textile Machinery Co., Ltd. opened their doors, lit firecrackers, I saw that the sound of loud firecrackers, a blossoming radiant, splendor of fireworks, flying in the sky, especially beautiful.

  The general manager of the company, Mr. Lin Lihui and all employees attended the meeting. At this meeting, the general manager first sent sincere blessings to all employees and their families. Then, at the 2021 meeting of work development, he also mentioned that in order to strengthen company management, strengthen company safety production in management, and improve work efficiency , He formulated a new safety system and emphasized personnel management, work efficiency issues and better product quality issues.

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