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Longji Group Net Tire Machine Project

August 15 ,2019

Publisher:Lin Liyuan

Date: 2019-08.15


A few days ago, our company successfully won the bid for the tire tire project of Baoshan Longji Silicon Materials Co., Ltd. This is the first order the company has won since the new year, and the first order for the company's new product development.


Carbon fiber felt products are an important area for our company's R & D products this year. Winning this order will have a great driving effect on our product research and development. The project started bidding in early May 2019 and lasted for three months. The competition was very fierce and many powerful competitors came to participate in the bidding. The owner mainly invites external tenders through management companies, and the owners, consultants, project management companies, and cost companies each have their own considerations and demands, further increasing the difficulty of winning the project.


Since the tender began, the project has held three clarification meetings. The Changyuanlong team has actively prepared detailed bidding plans and clarification documents. With detailed bidding scheme and good comprehensive guarantee strength, Changyuanlong team has obtained preliminary approval from the owner.


As a well-known manufacturer of nonwoven equipment in China, Changyuanlong currently has a relatively large market share. For this project, our professional design team issues the drawings that meet the customer's requirements in accordance with the specific needs of the customer, and then manufactures after the customer's confirmation. In the production, we will check every level to ensure product quality. It is believed that after 2 months, we will deliver the satisfied tire equipment to customers.



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