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Possible failures and solutions of carding machine operation

1. The carding machine cannot be started.

1.1 Check if there is excess fiber between the cylinder and the rollers and the load is too heavy to start.

1.2 Check whether the roller bearings are stuck. Clean up the fiber accumulation between the rollers and replace the bearings.


2. The work roller cannot run or is unstable.

Check whether the work roller transmission chain is too loose, and the skipping phenomenon occurs, and whether the work roller bearing is damaged, and the skipping occurs due to excessive load. The chain should be tensioned and the bearing replaced.


3. The combed cotton net is uneven and there are cloud spots of different sizes (please adjust the gap of the machine, depending on the raw material. The gap is also different; in general, the thinner the raw material, the smaller the gap is, and vice versa Bigger)

3.1 Check whether the linear speed of the cylinder surface and the speed of the work roll are consistent with the process requirements, and readjust the process parameters.

3.2 Check whether the raw materials have changed and the raw materials need to be replaced.

3.3 Check the gap between each roller and readjust the distance between each roller.

3.4 Check whether there is cotton accumulation, blemishes and hanging cotton at the bottom, and adjust the relevant size of the bottom.

3.5 Check whether the clothing is seriously damaged. Need to change the clothing.


4. If the feeding roller does not work, check the operation as follows:

4.1 Check whether the feeding roller is bitten. If it bites, it needs to be repaired.

4.2 Check the gear for damage. If it is damaged, replace the gear.

4.3 Check whether the bearing is seized. If it is seized, replace the bearing.

4.4 Check whether the electrical control part is out of control and contact the electrical engineer in time.


5. After turning on, it always reverses:

5.1 Check whether the anti-rolling connection is short-circuited and need to be re-connected.

5.2 Is the gap between the upper roller and the lower roller too short and short-circuited? The upper roller should be raised.

5.3 Whether there is a metal object clamped between the upper and lower rollers, it is necessary to remove metal foreign objects.


6. Is the speed ratio of the sprocket correct? Is the roller clothing rusty? 

Adjust the sprocket; the card clothing is rough.


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