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Possible failures and solutions of needle punching machine operation

1. If the host cannot be started

manually raise the needle beam plate to the highest point, and then start the motor. When stopping, it is best to wait for the fiber network in the needle plate to be exhausted before stopping.


2. If the inlet and outlet rollers do not work

check whether the electrical part is normal, whether the fuse is good, whether the inlet and outlet rollers are stuck, whether the bearings, gears, sprockets are operating normally, and whether the reducer is damaged. Replace in time.


3. If needle breakage often occurs

you need to carefully check whether the pinholes on the middle, bottom and middle plates are aligned, and whether the speed steps of the feeding and discharging rollers are consistent. Generally, the discharging is faster than the feeding part. In addition, the frequency of the relationship between the needling frequency and the feeding and discharging roller is too low, and the speed of the feeding and discharging roller may cause needle breakage.


4. If the turbine is difficult to lift

check whether each worm gear is bitten and whether there is a lack of lubricating oil inside.


5. If the main drive shaft has abnormal sounds

check whether the main drive shaft bearings are short of oil or damaged, add lubricating oil or replace the bearings. If the bearings have inner bushings, loosen and cap first, remove the movable beam, and install the bearings. Do not tighten the bushing first, and then tighten the bushing after installing the movable beam.


6. If the noise of the whole machine increases, the needle is broken, and the stability is reduced

it is necessary to check the guide device. It may be due to the serious wear of the guide sleeve after long-term work. Check whether there is a gap between the connecting rod and the connecting rod seat. If there is a description that the connecting rod shaft is worn or the connecting rod shaft shaft is worn, noise will be emitted when moving up and down.


7. If there is sharp noise

check whether the connecting rod bearing is short of oil and worn.


8. If you swing to the left or right

because the balance weight of the host is out of position, please adjust the balance weight. The impact force on the ground from top to bottom is very large, and the balance is not very good. In order to reduce the impact force on the ground, please use a damping pad to firmly pin the bottom of the needle, generally a thick rubber pad.


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